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Fluxx - Abyss


Calling all Mermaid lovers! FLUXX revisits the ocean, this time we celebrate maritime history and lore with a replica of the Titanic, a giant octopus, an old fashion diving helmet, model ships, and real buoys. We also bring the ocean to FLUXX by incorporating, 700 fish, a coral reef installation, and magical jellyfish that dance and sway. If you are looking for Venus, we have her too, watch her emerge from her Shell or bring champagne smiles throughout the night.

Fluxx - Aquatic


In the words of Sebastian "Darlin' it's better down where it's wetter", and we couldn't agree more. One of our most revolutionary themes yet, FLUXX Aquatic will not only get you wet, but will submerge you in a world of graceful jellyfish, flowing water, and enchanting deep sea creatures. Hold your breath as our current takes you to the ocean dance floor where you'll be mesmerized by our 100 gallon aquarium tank that holds a real, live mermaid. Watch as she swims sensually with the FLUXX dancers on musical waves filled with champagne bubbles. So pack your seashell swim suit and dive in, because it's always hotter UNDER the water.

Fluxx - Arcade


In honor of our favorite local season, COMIC CON, FLUXX turns down the resolution for this mind-blowing 8-bit theme. If the oversized Jewel light fixtures, pixelated landscape and old-school arcade games don't get you into the video-gaming mood, the star characters from Super Mario and Mortal Kombat are sure to get your heart racing!

Fluxx - Big Top

Big Top

A theme everyone loves to love, finally FLUXX goes full-force into circus with two Acts: Le Freak, for the sideshow lovers and Big Top, where you can get your fill of the bright lights and sparkle of a vintage circus. Before the show begins enjoy being thrust back into the history of the circus with old fashion circus train, parsol ceiling, and fully operational carousel. The theme would not be complete without our center ring, juggling clowns, pink poodles, and ring master. The circus has never been so Spectacular.

Fluxx - Bionic


Exploring deep space is more exciting when FLUXX gets Bionic, the theme that delivers you to the future with custom molded breastplates for our bottle servers, mirrored domes framing the entire dance floor, chrome origami, and "The Pleasure Pod," a fully motorized Bionic vessel. Standing 9 feet tall, "The Pleasure Pod" is coated with color changing 3-M dichroic film, the petals of the pod slowly lift the ceiling at the touch of a button and reveal our warrior divas, the RMD Dancers.

Fluxx - Chilled


Walk into FLUXX where an icy wonderland awaits you. Bundle up as you may feel a slight tingle from your head to your toes. Watch your step as glaciers erupt from the bar and frost covered walls surround the icy dance floor. Prepare for your teeth to chatter as our dancers swirl into a blizzard of sound blowing North East from the DJ booth. Come and explore our pole. FLUXX Chilled.

Fluxx - Fetish


FLUXX Fetish will make all of your fantasies a reality. Don't get nervous when there is some action beneath the silky sheets... Simply allow the music to take you into your ultimate fantasy. No need to be afraid of the whips and rope, we like to get tied up and teased every once in a while. Just let loose and indulge in our naughty side. FLUXX Fetish.



FLUXX*ADELIC is a crazy trip. Join us and travel through smoking mushrooms fields and tunnels of laser shows that make you reach for the light. You can be certain the candy necklace goodies we provide are safe to eat, and the neon sunglasses will not assist in causing any lasting hallucinations. Lenses optional. Allow this theme to embrace you and bend your mind like the funny mirrors surrounding you. And you can enjoy our Bottle Service girls who will be frolicking casually while the FLUXX dancers play as psychedelic creatures of habit. Come and "Free Your Mind."

Fluxx - FLUXXmas Factory

FLUXXmas Factory

As the end of the year brought holiday cheer, parties, and memorable times with family and friends, FLUXX brought you a holiday theme and FLUXXuation that made celebrating the holidays even more festive. FLUXXmas Factory was a holiday factory that produced nightlife holiday cheer. With rotating toy assembly lines, a Champagne-o-Meter, a motorized spinning axel that acrobatically spun our dancers high above the dance floor, and a toy car chandelier, you feel as if you stepped into a magical world of all that is constructed to make the holiday special. There was even a Barbie Bar! FLUXXmas Factory...The More the Merrier!

Fluxx - Jet Set

Jet Set

Welcome aboard Jet Set Air! To ensure the safety of your party, please be advised of the following precautions. FSA (FLUXX Security Administration) will be standing by to perform full body scans on anyone with a body worth scanning. Please try and remain in your seats as little as possible with your garter belts and shirt buttons securely unfastened. We may experience turbulence if the DJ feels the need for speed and altitude on the dance floor. So leave your baggage outside, and have a Mile High good flight!

Fluxx - Nectar


FLUXX returns to the source of artistic inspiration with Nectar, nature has never been so intriguing. With 8 foot tall glowing flowers for our meadow nymphs to serve champagne libations, laser-cut flora delighting, and a giant beehive beguiling, this theme has it all.

Fluxx - Odyssey


In this theme, guests were pulled into FLUXX's orbit on a journey to planets undiscovered, space untraveled, and objects unidentified. There were intergalactic battles between sexy space terrestrials, sonic sounds by out-of-this-world DJs, and a gravitational pull that brought you straight to the dance floor.

Fluxx - Pollination


With tickling butterflies and blooming flowers, FLUXX mirrored the birth of spring with its first ever theme, Pollination. Guests were teased and tantalized as FLUXX redefined nature and what the birds and bees really had in mind.

Fluxx - Ritual


FLUXX brings the source of civilization, the mating ritual, to new heights while keeping true to our roots as the pinnacle of nightlife society. Ritual is not just an act, it's a collective identity consumed with ferocious entertainment, expressionist dancing, and Amazonian appeal. Your tribe awaits...

Fluxx - Showstopper


Sinatra sang it. Dean lived it. Elvis epitomized it. It's a place where the lights shine brighter than the sun, the Stars all have names, and diamonds are more than a girl's best friend. Find yourself in a world of bow ties and brandy, boas and burlesque, as FLUXX sheds its Norma Jean and finds its Marilyn. Our men may own the club but our ladies own the night, so don't be surprised when you find yourself seduced by our glamorous play girls. Here, men don't just prefer blondes...they prefer stars.
Welcome to Showstopper...

Fluxx - Sweet Shoppe

Sweet Shoppe

Welcome to Sweet Shoppe, a one-stop-shop, where you can get your piece of cake and lick a lollipop too. Sprinkle yourself in a world where the girls are yummier than candy, the drinks make your tongue tingle, and the music will make your cherry pop. Our bubblegum machine is filled with candy-coated dancers who will sweet talk you straight to the dance floor. Sugar and spice, and everything nice, that's what FLUXX is made of.

Fluxx - Crystal Kingdom

Crystal Kingdom

Have you ever fantasized about being inside a snow globe? Now you can, well you can watch the RMD Dancers, fully iced up and sprinkled, dance the night away in our functioning 12 foot tall snow globe, complete with two cherries on top. This theme is full of eye candy, no really, there is a lot of candy. As you enter you soon realize you are surrounded by a wintery candy wonderland including 8 foot neon popsicles, color-changing giant crystals, ice-cream Kawaii-PiƱatas, novelty ice-cream wallpaper, marshmallows, and luscious velvet candy-canes.

Fluxx - Marrakesh


Step into an exotic world filled with snake charmers, belly dancers, and champagne carpet rides. Get lost in the sands of time while our genies grant your every wish. In FLUXX Marrekesh, you'll be treated like a Sultan, where drinks are your jewels and the dance floor your throne.

Fluxx - Tropicana


Drink in all the pineapple and palm trees your heart desires during FLUXX Tropicana. Inspired by both Tropical Americana and Brazilian Samba, prepare to explore a world where drinks arrive in coconuts, bananas bring you champagne, and RMD dancers look ready to jet for Rio. After all the best way to party is to go bananas!

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